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Today I was watching TV and realized how many songs either ruin or make a commercial (or the other way around). So here are a couple of commercials that ask this question.

Honda Holiday Commercial – Vampire Weekend “Holiday”

This is one commercial that really doesn’t work with the song. Just because it is a holiday sale, doesn’t mean that you should a song called “Holiday.” Vampire Weekend’s musical styling is more of a summer feeling and this is obviously not a summer commercial. They also tried to take a page from a Vampire Weekend video with stop-motion capturing. It is just a mess of a commercial and it ruins one of my favorite songs from the New York natives.

Cadillac SRX Commercial – Phoenix “1901”

This ad got me more into the song than the actual automobile. It’s a great song but it just really doesn’t work. It’s a commentator saying what is so great about the song with the lyric of “Fallen” repeating over and over again. They could have possibly made it work if they got a good amount of lyrics it would have been a great use of video and music. It is a short ad that doesn’t use the full extent of the song. It did however make the band a lot more popular going from total unknowns to winning a Grammy in 2010.

Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit – Chiddy Bang “The Opposite of Kids”

This is a great ad that works with a great song. “The Opposite of Kids” uses the beat of MGMT’s “Kids” with some great rap styling for the rap duo Chiddy Bang. If you really think about it the song is talking about not having any problems and being like a kid when authority really wasn’t a problem. What a more perfect song to use for a game that has you driving away from the cops. The revving of the engines from the cars and screeching of the cars turning just makes it that much better because you know so laws are being broken in this game. Overall, it is a great commercial that definitely utilized their editors.

Amazon Kindle – Little & Ashley “Stole My Heart”

This commercial is really clever. This is one that uses the stop motion capturing to its full capabilities, with even changing the backgrounds with stop motion. The song goes with the theme with someone saying they are going to steal a heart and one of the characters is stealing the kindle and getting caught. They also use the artists in the commercial which helps promote the song. This commercial really got me to want to buy a Kindle and the song definitely put some influence on it.

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