Does Your College Have It’s Own Beer? LSU Does

Louisiana state university beer

Here in New York, it seems like every campus within a 100 mile radius is completely dry. Then we go to visit our boys and side-pieces at out of state schools and they have drinking dorms, bars on campus. And If that wasn’t enough, you can imagine our jealousy when we heard about this: Louisiana State University, The Big Easy’s Flagship College, isn’t just a wet campus. As of today, and set for official launch in the Fall, LSU will team up with a local micro-brewery to create it’s own branded Beer. If that’s not a reason to head down South, you need to fine tune your Socialite Skills.

tin roof

Louisiana State University will be teaming up with Tin Roof Brewing Company, which is based in Baton Rouge right down the road, and the beer in question will be a Blond Ale. If you’re not familiar with Blond Ales, they are usually lighter in body due to higher carbonation, not very bitter, with a big hint of sweetness. The only ones i’ve seen with any kind of notable frequency are Leffe and Duvell. If you stumble across either one of those, I highly recommend them. Blond Ales have a taste all their own.

But enough about Beer, let’s get back to BEER! The practical application of LSU’s Beer will be it’s integration into the Food Science Training Program. Louisiana is famous for two things: Bourbon Street and Emiril Lagasse. Food is life down there, and with the new trend of Gourmet Micro Brewries and 5 Star Dive Bars, it only makes sense for students to learn about how to brew Beer and the fermentation process. Students will take classes at the actual brewery and be taught by professors and master brewers. I wonder if tasting is done in class or for homework. Either way, i’ve been studying for this class since I was 14.

lsu food science

The Beer hasn’t been officially named yet, and it won’t be called “LSU Beer,” but it will be something directly related to the University. Since the beer is branded LSU, and it’s only being brewed in affiliation with the school, I can’t imagine it being produced in any kind of excess. Besides, the beer will launch, of all times, during the beginning of football season. I’m sure the entire original batch will be in beer pong cups and pouring out of funnels within an hour. Going forward however, the beer will be available in cans or by draught in the Baton Rouge area.

By Campus Socialite decree, I hereby name Louisiana State University, Socialite School of The Week. Not only are they cultivating a new generation of delicious Beer brewers, they have found a way to both promote drinking among their students and turn it into a revenue driver. Way to go Lousiana. We may have higher IQ’s, Graduation Rates, and Taxes up here in the North East, but we definitely don’t have our own College Beers. Our cold, elite hearts have been humbled.


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