Don’t Let The Super Bowl Sideline You! What’s Your Worst Hangover Story?

Here’s One of Our Campus Socialite Stories…

It was a Saturday night at college and the only thing I remember is going out to this god forsaken bar that was a whole in the wall.  Not that I care about the scene but I truly mean that this bar was shit hole and smelled of weeks of old puke where all I could think to myself is that I would rather smell the scent of fresh fecal matter.  Anyway, I won’t get any more descriptive but before we got to bar my buddies and myself killed half a bottle of Jameson and were ready to party.  To make a long story short the bar had dollar shots of the cheapest Whisky you could find.  We all downed about 4 or 5 straight and after that the night was a blur.  I bet your asking yourself what the end result of a Whiskey filled night with very little to eat was.  Well I woke up in a stair well surrounded by a group of of people who were all wondering why the hell I had a huge penis drawn on my forehead, smelling of booze and lipstick kisses all over my face.  To this day I am not sure what happened, but all I know is that this was one of those hangover nights where I wish I were dead.

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