Dorm Life: Semester 1 DVD Giveaway Contest

Awkward encounters, random hookups, surprising friendships, and all the traditional – and hysterical collegiate rites of passage come together in DORM LIFE, the best-watched web series that follows the daily adventures of ten dorm mates. Focusing on the lives of several students randomly thrown together in the same dorm at a fictional California university, DORM LIFE offers a hilarious and heartfelt behind-the-scenes look at collegiate life. The series centers on 5-South, a vibrant floor chock-full of embarrassing situations and oddball characters whose mishaps and mayhem create memories that will last well past their final exams. DORM LIFE: Semester 1 is a season of initiations, as members of the floor adjust to the varied dynamics of communal living, from hook-ups and date parties to classes and keg-stands.

For anyone who has not seen this kick ass web series you got to check it out. If you liked the first episode we posted above, you will love the entire series and lucky for you we are actually giving away the entire first season on DVD. We are looking for your best dorm story for this giveaway…sex in the communal bathroom,  trapping the RA in his/her room, slipping ex-lax in the cafeteria mash potatoes, an all out rager in your dorm room, you get the point. I know all you Socialites have some crazy stories from the dorm days when college was brand new and your liver didn’t hurt quite as much, so share your story and you could win this awesome DVD giveaway. Send your story into and we will select a winner next week. The winning story will also be featured on The Campus Socialite.

*Special thanks to Jaymie Presburg

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