Drake’s Live Performance at Radio City Music Hall on FUSE

Last night on the Fuse Network, Drizzy Drake’s live performance at a Radio City Music Hall in New York City was nothing short of epic.

Aubrey “Drake” Graham performed with a kickass live band and special guests in front of a packed house in New York City a few weeks ago, which aired on Fuse last night. It was everything you would imagine a Drake performance would be like if you haven’t already seen him live. Drake dazzled and swooned his fans from the front rows to the rafters in Radio City Music Hall with song s from his critically acclaimed mixtape So Far Gone as well as his platinum debut album Thank Me Later.

When watching Drake perform you can’t help but realize how many of his songs you know from beginning to end. Hit after hit after hit, you find yourself rapping and singing every word to every song as if you were in the crowd at Radio City Music Hall. Don’t believe me? “Best I Ever Had,” “Miss Me,” “Forever,” and “Over” were just a few songs he performed. He even brought out special guests Birdman, Trey Songz, and Swizz Beats to perform “Money to Blow,” “Can’t Be Friends,” and “Fancy” respectively.

Just when you thought there weren’t any more songs to perform, he came with songs and features you couldn’t help but roll your eyes and chuckle at. Songs like “Find Your Love” and “Successful” had everybody in the crowd belting out every lyric as if they were on stage performing their last concert ever. Drake fed off the energy of the crowd and gave his fans the opportunity to sing the catchy melodies and finish the lyrics. He even brought a lucky fan on stage and serenaded her with his sultry voice and superstar charm.

Overall, it was a great performance from Drake and his band. For an artist who has been in the mainstream for only about a year and a half, it is incredible to witness his rise to superstardom. He’s gone from Jimmy, the kid in the wheelchair on Degrassi, to Drake, the American pop culture icon, practically overnight. So the question is can it get much better for Drake? Check back with the Campus Socialite in a couple of years to find out!

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