Drug Tourism? Route 36 in Bolivia is The World’s First Cocaine Bar

route 36 cocaine lounge

Where you guys headed for Spring Break? Punta Cana, Cancun? Have you thought about Bolivia? South American-style weather, huge party scene, and (drumroll) the first Cocaine Bar in history. Route 36 has taken tourism to a new level. Amsterdam says Americans can’t smoke weed anymore, Bolivia says we can come and be served Cocaine in little black bags, with 8 centimeter straws, in a bar.

The Guardian posted this article today about Route 36, the mobile Cocaine bar that caters to anyone and everyone who feels like getting a fix. It’s located in La Paz,  a small city on the west end of Bolivia with an urban population of about 8,000. It may be small but it is about to be catapulted into the world of mainstream, high-wealth tourism. Rick James would be having a fit.

bolivia route 36

Like I said, Route 36 is practically mobile. Being a tourist bar with cocaine avaliable for purchase makes it pretty difficult to inhabit the same spot for any reasonable amount of time. So every 3 months or so, the bar receives one too many complaints and just briskly changes locations. La Paz residents don’t know where it is going to pop up next and the location changes have skewed reports about how many cocaine bars are in Bolivia. The answer is 1.

People tend to think of Colombia when they think of Cocaine, but these days Bolivia is setting the standard for production. Their federal government is corrupt as fuck and La Paz is treated like a modern day Deadwood. Anything goes. And why not? This little city in South America is about to explode, and all over one bar that decided to serve blank CD cases and little bags of the white powder their country is apparently swimming in.

la paz bolivia

In the example The Guardian gives, the normal Cocaine cost 100 Bolivianos per gram  and the expert shit cost 150. That’s $14.47 for the base model and $21.71 for the upgrade. If you’ve had any experience, and we’re not implying you have, your heart is probably racing this second. Are we endorsing drug use? Of course not! Who do you think we are? But hey, Bolivia doesn’t sound so bad.


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