DWI – Here’s Why Students Must Avoid It!

Driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated are serious matters that any driver should not take lightly, especially by students whose college life can be severely affected by a DUI or DWI conviction. While usual penalties can include fines, loss of the privilege of driving, or serving jail time, students can also risk being rejected from college, losing their scholarships, or being suspended and thus ruining their future. In this article, you will have a closer look at the reasons why students must avoid DUI or DWI conviction at all costs.

DWIs Can Affect College Applications

The first instance when a DWI can affect a student’s life is before even becoming a student. Most college applicants are still minors, meaning that they committed both underage drinking and driving while intoxicated crimes. Apart from the many exams and documents required for admission, colleges can ask for information about your record and criminal history. Although a DWI charge does not equal absolute failure to get into your dream college, it can still affect your application. While some schools will be hesitant to accept you altogether, some might have you complete a rehabilitation program. At the same time, lying in your application form and falsifying your criminal record can lead to severe punishments from the school upon uncovering the truth.

DWIs Can Affect You College Life

Although schools have various policies regarding DWIs charges while enrolled, all of them can affect your college life one way or another. Most colleges require their students to report any criminal charges. Failure to report on these incidents within the timeframe can result in a temporary suspension or even expulsion. Depending on the severity of the damages caused by the student’s crime, the school can choose to expel the student, suspend him or her, or take away any privileges they might have. At the same time, serving time in jail might prevent you from coming to class, which in return will lead to a drop in your score. A drop in score might result in losing your scholarship and thus being unable to attend college altogether.

DWIs Can Affect Your Life After College

Last but not least, DWIs charges can affect your life after college too. Licensed lawyers or nursers might find it difficult to find a job with their criminal record. The same goes for teachers or any governmental workers, who are automatically disqualified when applying for these types of jobs. A DWI charge can also affect your work-life after college if your driving license was suspended, and you have lost your driving privileges. From college admissions and loans, scholarships, extracurricular activities, and employment opportunities, DWI charges can affect a student’s life irremediably. If you are a student or a potential student dealing with a DWI charge, you must seek professional help from DWI defense attorneys for the best results.

Finally, although driving under the influence might not seem so serious at first sight, its consequences can haunt you throughout your college life and after. So why take the risk?