E3 2015: Five Reasons Black Ops 3 Will Be the Best Call of Duty Game Ever


Call of Duty has had significant successes, and players have been eagerly awaiting he next installment, Black Ops 3. But, will it live up to the hype? Based on early reveals and previews, we predict that Black Ops 3 may not just meet gamer expectations, but it could be the best iteration in the Call of Duty series yet. Here are five reasons that Black Ops 3 will rock Call of Duty fans’ worlds.

1. It brings players together.

Black Ops 3 doesn’t just introduce multiplayer mode to the traditional Call of Duty formula – it works toward creating a gaming community. Gamers can connect either in a two player format in person, or as a group of up to four players over the Internet, exploring the game together.

The multiplayer option is great on its own, but what makes Black Ops 3 a real powerhouse is the way that it allows multiplayer gaming to cross levels. This means that a more advanced player, who wants to play with someone at a lower level, can bring that person along for the ride. They can share weapons and resources and play at the higher level together during that time, even though one player hasn’t unlocked it.

2. There are zombies.

What more do we need to say? Sure, Call of Duty has had zombies before, but Black Ops 3 takes zombies to a whole new level. From what’s been revealed so far, we’re pretty sure the zombies will have their own history this time around, or they’ll at least be contextualized a bit more. Beyond that, not much has been revealed, but really, who doesn’t love zombies?

3. Your characters are customizable.

Rather than playing with a static character, Black Ops 3 offers a high degree of character customization. You can tack on abilities, change the appearance of your character, make adjustments to weapons, and even choose your character’s gender.

What makes this last feature interesting is the level of detail they’ve added. It’s no longer just a matter of character appearance, but of animation and interaction. Game designers have attested that the change from a male to a female character results in entirely different animations throughout the game, as well as altering character interactions. Rarely has any game paid this much attention to the overall impact of gender.

4. You can play it again.

This is the historic disappointment of most games: once you beat them, there’s no real motivation to play again. The designers behind Black Ops 3 are determined to change that paradigm. Black Ops 3 is being marketed as fundamentally replayable. The improved AI, as well as some features of the zombie mode, contributes to this aspect of the game.

5. It moves quickly.

The speed of gameplay in Black Ops 3 is unlike anything Call of Duty players have seen before. According to game designers, anything that was slowing the game down has been shed in this new version, in addition to the mainstreaming of unlimited sprint speeds. Before, certain players could unlock unlimited sprint speeds, but in Black Ops 3, it’ll become a given.

This increased sprint speed will be augmented by improved jumping abilities. In this newest iteration, characters can hurdle over barriers, while maintaining weapon control, with ease. This’ll make characters more agile and, also, more deadly. Overall, the increased maneuverability may revolutionize what players expect in terms of character control.

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