By: Paige Vigil (University of Minnesota)

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A Vietnam acupuncturist claims that she can determine a man’s virginity status from their ears. The acupuncturist now has many clients in Vietnam who say they have been wrongly convicted and want to prove their innocence. Her theory, was recognized in the courtroom after she freed three men from jail after they had already served ten years for a gang-rape.

According to the acupuncturist, there are certain spots in the back of a man’s ear and once a man has lost his virginity, the spots will disappear. By proving these men still had spots in their ears, she consequently proved that they were virgins and couldn’t have been involved in any rape case.

My question regarding this case is, could this test possibly have a snowball effect? Next thing you know, we’re going to be testing everyone for their virginity status. This is something that in other circumstances, should be kept private. Will this get taken too far? Will this prove to be a service in other countries besides the USA? So many looming questions and no pending answers.

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