Eat Up Socialites! The Freshman 15 Is Officially A Myth


freshman 15

It seems like common logic that switching your diet from home-cooked meals to Mozzarella Sticks and Pizza for dinner every night would cause you to gain a lot of weight. Throw in the Beer, the late night bar food and pizza, the weed, and 15 pounds doesn’t seem so farfetched. Here’s the good news though. You can eat all the shit and drink all the beer you want, because scientists have apparently devoted enough time to this pressing issue to officially, once and for all, declare it a myth.

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The study was conducted Jay Zagorsky of Ohio State University and Patricia Smith of University of Michigan-Dearborn, who conducted interviews and research across the country from 1997 until now. Nobody could accuse them of not having a large enough sample size. They collected net weight gains from thousands of male and female college students and their results stated this: Female average 3.1, Male average 3.5. Some even lost weight their freshman year, but we’ll just attribute that to cocaine.

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So are we saying you can just eat and drunk whatever the fuck you want, basically the way college students normally eat,  and only gain on average 3.5 pounds? That doesn’t seem right, but hey, stats don’t lie. These kids did the research, conducted the interviews, with college students that are all eating the same dining hall crap as you, and a measly 3-4 pounds is all they got. Maybe someone created the myth so they could justify getting with fat girls or eating Cup of Noodles for breakfast, lunch, and 2nd dinner. Point is, it’s been debunked, so head to your dining hall and show that microwaved mac and cheese who’s boss.



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