Effective Ways to Eliminate College Related Stress

College is probably equal parts fun and equal parts stress. The adventure that you have while off at college is totally worth the amount of late nights put in, pounds packed on, energy drinks slammed, and money spent. It’s the experience of a lifetime.

College is the place where you make the friendships that last. It’s also the place where most people find that one individual they end up spending the rest of their lives with. Of all the perks of college, there are those tough days and nights, and there is a fair share of stress. The thing is…stress is a choice. You might have a hard time coming to terms with that fact…but it’s true.

Here are ways you can combat and even eliminate college related stress in your life:

Don’t Procrastinate

Yeah, yeah. Everybody does it. It’s kind of the way that human beings are wired. But that’s not an excuse. When you facilitate a life of procrastination, your life becomes one big ball of stress. In the back of your mind you’re always worrying about all the things that need to get done.

This tears down your body. When you develop better time management skills and block out time to do stuff or you get work done when you have free time, the stress doesn’t have a reason to exist. It’s true that the workload is never ending and you might never have free time…but you have more than you think…just look at all the time you’re spending on the internet. A minute or two here, there, and everywhere adds up.

Block in Time For Fun Activities

This goes hand-in-hand with the procrastination thing. Just as you must orchestrate your schedule to fit all of your class work and responsibilities into the week, you need to block in time for you to just relax and have fun. Once again you think that you don’t have time for this…but if you are diligent with your schedule and you get the work done, you can afford to take time out for yourself.

This is crucial to your wellbeing as a college student. Fun usually constitutes some sort of physical activity. This eliminates stress. When you hang out with your friends, watch a movie, play a game of frisbee golf, or take a hike, you’re able to reset your body, your mind, and your constitution about your present situation in life. Don’t procrastinate, get it done, and make time for fun. This eliminates stress.

Get Your Vitamins

Last but not least, in order to manage and eliminate stress, you need to be getting your vitamins. Eat well and spend time outside. Soak in the sun’s rays. Eat a salad with some delicious gyro meat on top. When your body has all it needs to function, your mind will be clearer, your body will have more energy, and you’ll kick college in the pants. You’ve got this.

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