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Embrace Your Inner Geek, Make Your Girl Wear Superhero Panties (w/ Pics)

supergirl underwear

2011 will forever be remembered as the year Geekyness officially became cool. Give obscure comic book movies and the blogosphere a couple of years to resonate with mainstream society, and suddenly it’s ok to admit to your friends that you dressed up as Batman for 3 Halloweens in a row or that you still keep your Superman sheets in the linen closet (in case of emergency). We all have a little geek in us, and that’s ok. Next step, get a little geek on your girl.

womens superhero underwear

Call me a creep but I’m blowing the whistle on everyone. Kitchy, kiddie stuff combined with a killer body could be the hottest thing a girl can do. And I’m not alone either, because when I walk into a sex shop all I see is Sexy Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz (minus a couple of threads in all the right places). What is it about childhood stuff that is so sexy while you’re an adult? The world may never know, and frankly, I’ve said enough. But if you’re not digging these superhero panties, I suggest doing age 5-13 all over again. You must have missed something.

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