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Brian Smith is a modern day Renaissance Man.  A Jack of all trades, specializing in singing/songwriting, comedy, poetry, and the vaginal arts.  Smith has captured the hearts and minds of audiences with “We Walked the Mile,” a rock/humor show which takes a page out of Adam Sandler and Tenacious D’s book by infusing comedy into music while producing a delight for the ears and funny bone.  A self-proclaimed “Rock n Roll Comedy Artist,” Brian combines his musical prowess with some of his most intimate, hilarious, and often vulgar experiences to guide his fans on a fantastic voyage into the inappropriate unknown.

Smith’s hit single “Your Sister has Herpes… She Gave ’em to Me,” has caught the attention of thousands and his unique sound has spread across the nation much like the STDs he sings about.  He has a knack for making taboo, off-limit topics seem strangely conventional as awkwardness and discomfort is tossed aside by his ridiculous lyrics.  Take for instance Brian’s uncanny ability to shed some light on a typically private area – the vagina.  His smash hit “I Love Vagina,” will keep you rolling with laughter as Brian is as comfortable singing about his junk or his favorite female love organ as 50 Cent is singing about gunfights and cocaine.

It is hard to pin a label on Brian Smith, call him a comic, call him a rocker, call him a sexual icon… but one thing is for sure, he is an entertainer and he is here to stay.  Check out the exclusive video of “Your Sister has Herpes… She Gave Them to Me,” (above) and find out how you can get much more of We Walked The Mile on your headphones or live and in person.

We Walked The Mile is joining The Campus Socialite Media team!  He’s spreading around colleges like Herpes…  So watch out for him coming to your campus real soon!

You can buy We Walked The Mile’s debut album “Always Left Out” on iTunes,, Rhapsody, and Napster.

For more information including tour dates and media, check him out at:



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