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Porn stars, and butt sex, and war, OH MY! I think most can agree that “Bottoms Up”, this past weeks episode of Entourage, just stepped it up a notch. Not only was it the funniest episode we’ve seen in a long time, but also the most quotable. To summarize the episode in short, I’ve decided to break it down into the following three categories:

Porn stars: Well, just one porn star made an appearance in this episode, but she made a lasting impression: Sasha Grey. Vince meets Sasha at a club at the very beginning of the episode and instantly becomes infatuated with her. Apparently shes not just some one night stand either: Vince and Sasha have a couple shots of Turtle’s tequila the morning after, and then head off (together) to Vince’s interview. Not the best idea. I have a feeling that as entertaining as Sasha seems to be, she’s going to be bad news in the long run for Vinny boy.

Butt Sex: The boys get into a discussion about anal sex, which both E and Turtle admit to never having tried. When Turtle asks Drama if its really that great, Drama replies: “Are you kidding? Vaginas my third favorite hole, bro.” This sparks E’s curiosity, which we find out about through Sloan when she calls Eric at work. “This is awkward…but….did you google anal sex?” Which of course, Eric admits to doing, and they decide to give it a try. Hilarity ensues.

War: Who can this apply to other than our beloved Ari? Lizzie has officially left TMA, and is after Ari and the agencies clients. After finding this out, Ari declares war against Lizzie, and makes personal meetings with Jessica Simpson, Mike Tyson, and Aaron Sorkin (all who make an appearance), to try and convince them all to stay with him.

At the end of the episode, Amanda (remember Amanda? Bitchy agent who Vince hired after firing Ari?) gives Ari a call. Turns out she’s the one that’s taken stray Lizzie under her wing, and together they want to bring him down. Looks like they’ll be going after Vince next. Oh oh.

Memorable quotes:

::after Mrs. Ari asks why Ari was having sex with her while angry::

Ari: “That’s what marriage is for, to bang out your anger!”

Eric to Sloan: “I like your vagina, is that so wrong?”

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