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By: Lauren Cohen (University of Miami)

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The wait is almost over! With the season 7 premiere of Entourage quickly approaching, I think everyone is in need of a recap of season 6 and the finale to get them pumped to reunite with our favorite foursome (and Ari and Lloyd, of course!) once again.

Key events In season 6:

-Vince is finally back on his game after starring in the Martin Scorsese film Gatsby, and starts preparing himself for another big role: the lead in the new Frank Darabont movie.

– Eric moves out of the house, has a brief relationship with the annoying (and somewhat psycho) Ashley (even though he still has feelings for Sloan), gets rid of his company and starts working for manager Murray Berenson.

– Turtle starts college, while still dating Jamie-Lynn Sigler.

– Drama leaves the show Five Towns after a fight with the head of production.

– Lloyd wants to be an agent, so Ari puts him through hell and makes him do a series of ridiculous and unnecessary tests to prove his worth, resulting in Lloyd quitting.

– Andrew Klein cheats on his wife with a company employee, causing havoc for both the company and Ari’s marriage.

But whats most important to remember are the events of the season 6 finale:

Vince, getting ready to fly off to Italy to film the new Frank Darabont movie, is approached by Matt Damon, who convinces him to donate $150,000 to his charity. Drama, originally planning on going to Italy with Vince, decides that he can’t give up on acting, and goes to audition for a role on Melrose Place. He’s confident about his chances, until he gets a phone call saying that they loved him…but the studio thinks he’s too old. On the upside: they liked him so much that they decided to develop a new project with a starring role for him. In the meantime, Drama decides to go to Italy with Vince after all.

After recently being dumped by Jamie-Lynn before she heads off for production in New Zealand, Turtle is heartbroken, and decides to chase after her. Just as the plane is about to take off, she calls him back, telling him not to come see her and that she can’t do the long distance thing. Turtle then decides to meet Vince and Drama in Italy. Eric is still pining after Sloan, and in an attempt to try and win her back one final time, takes her out to lunch. Upon realizing his intentions, she gets mad at him and demands that he take her home. They start arguing on the way home, Eric insisting on knowing why she won’t take him back. Her reason: because of how quick he was to leave her for the boys last time and his lack of commitment. To prove his commitment and love for her, Eric proposes, and she accepts.

At their usual couples therapy session, Ari convinces his wife to give him the money to buy Terrance’s company, which, in true Ari Gold fashion, he later states that he wants “more than I want my wife to crave pussy”. At the meeting when Ari is getting ready to sign the papers and buy the company, Terrance tells him that he must keep the company name the “Terrance McQuewick Agency”. Ari, in a fit of rage, refuses. Terrance later apologizes, with him and Ari ending on a good note and Ari agreeing to keep the name. Then, in easily the best part of the episode, Ari goes around his newly-bought agency with a paint ball gun, shooting all the people he’s firing. He runs through the building yelling (does anyone else sound better when they’re yelling than Ari Gold?) for Lloyd to come out. Later on, Lloyd comes to Ari’s office to tell him he would never work for him again, only to find that Ari finally made him an agent, with a huge banner over his new office saying: “Congrats, you’re finally a real Asian!”

Still can’t wait until June 27th? Here’s the official preview for season 7 to hold you over in the meantime:

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