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By: Lauren Cohen, The Campus Movie Guru (University of Miami)

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Missed the season 7 premiere of Entourage? No problem! Every week I’ll be recapping the events of the show, so whether you don’t have HBO or forgot to set your TiVo, come here to stay up-to-date!

Last week we got reacquainted with the gang, and a lot has changed. Vince is filming Nick Cassavetes new action film, and despite his better judgment, buckles to peer (or maybe I should say “director”) pressure and agrees to do his own stunts (this is in a movie where people are being set on fire, mind you). Turtle is finally reaping the benefits of going to college, having finally started his “hot girl limo service” that he envisioned two seasons ago. The episode opens with him having problems with one of his drivers, Alex. She has terrible sense of direction and a problem being on time…but she’s hot, so of course Turtle keeps her around. Later on in the episode, he even makes the mistake of kissing her when he thinks they had a “moment” causing her to quit.

Drama, as usual, is having trouble. He has a holding deal with the network, but the network still hasn’t approved of any of the shows Drama was connected to. With only 8 weeks until the deal runs out, his producer, Phil, urges him to get his agent to find something quick.

Now that Ari owns Terrance’s organization, TMA is now the biggest agency in the world, making Ari an even busier guy than usual. This causes him to miss a meeting at his son’s school, much to the displeasure of Mrs. Ari. Vince calls Eric (who’s in the middle of a nice lunch with his fiance, Sloan) in a panic over how he’s being pressured into doing the car stunt, and Eric, completely against him doing it as well, calls Ari for help. Ari, even more panicked over it, drops everything to come over to the set, causing him to miss the rescheduled meeting at his son’s school. Despite everything, Vince decides he’s going to do the stunt after all.

After one last talk with the stunt coordinator, Vince gets in the car to do the stunt. He does the jump well…except then he forgets to brake quick enough and bashes into a burning shed. Thankfully he gets out okay and is completely unharmed, just a little shocked. The episode ends with him saying he’s ready to do another take.

Cant get enough of Ari, Vince, Turtle, Drama and Eric? Here’s a preview for Sundays episode:


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