Epic Lawn Mower Powered Beer Train (Video)

 beer train

I can’t think of a bigger drag then having to transport 2 Kegs and 6 cases of beer back to your house for a party. Multiple cars, multiple hands, praying that one of your friends happens to own a truck. What a pain in the ass. But hey, why not fill up a bunch of shopping carts with all the alcoholic goodness, attach them all together, then attach the whole line to a lawn mower and drive it down a main road? Genius right? Well, some dude in a state i’m certain is below the Mason-Dixon line put this plan into action, and we have a police officer’s video evidence to prove it. It may not have been safe, or legal apparently, but you can’t blame a guy for trying. Socialites, if you do decide to try this at home, just don’t tell them we showed you. Check out some brilliance in action, after the jump.

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