That’s what “Spike Your Juice” promises. Using a proprietary yeast blend, organic evaporated cane juice, and emulsifier, you can take any kind of fruity drink off the shelves of Wal-Mart and turn it into straight liquory goodness. How does it work? Hell if I know, but if it gets you drunk, I’m down.


The legend goes that a bunch of whiny Europeans living in California developed the formula for this powder, which magically turns juice into alcohol overnight. Having grown up near wine producing regions, they particularly craved a seasonal drink called Federweißer. This drink is only available from early September to late October during harvest time. Unfortunately, transportation of Federweißer over long distances is almost impossible due to the ongoing fermentation process inside the bottles. So by the time it got to you, it’d just be 100% alcohol. That’s why you no never heard of it until now.


Those same geniuses decided to package and sell the ingredients so you can get completely trashed any time of year. The company encourages experimentation with different juices and combinations of juices, but they do have a recommended list of what makes the best liquor:

There are instructions and rules too: Your 64 oz bottle of juice must have a minimum sugar content of 20g/serving, not be refrigerated, not have artificially sweeteners, and no unfiltered juices. After you pour in the Spike Your Juice packet, toss out the old bottle cap (the bottle cannot be airtight or it will explode, which could actually be kinda cool), fill the supplied “Airlock” with water and put it on the top of the bottle with the also-supplied rubber stopper. Then you just wait, taking a taste every once in a while until its alcoholic enough for your preference. Then proceed to get hammered on sparkling Ocean Spray liquor.

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