Exclusive Interview With CEO Of LineRocket Nightclub Service

LineRocket is a nightclub service that allows people to skip the lines to the best night clubs in the country. LineRocket is the new model for VIP treatment without having to pay VIP prices. The LineRocket iPhone and Android App allow people to purchase tickets to skip the line while they are actually waiting in it. I was fortunate to sit down and have a Q and A with CEO Josh Heffler to discuss the company’s goals and why their product is unique to the college demographic.

Q- For those unaware about your service, describe what LineRocket is?

A- LineRocket lets the average person live a celebrity lifestyle. In essence, LineRocket is your own personal doorman at the most exclusive nightclubs in the country. Since LineRocket is available online, customers in any part of the country can use our service with confidence when visiting their favorite nightclubs in other cities.

Q- Can anyone use this service?

A- LineRocket caters to an array of different customers.  A bachelorette party planning a trip to Las Vegas, a guy impressing a girl on a date, or someone trying to impress a potential client are just a few instances where it can help.

A good example is when my mom and all of her friends want to go dancing for a “girls night out,” they don’t want to be stuck in line with a bunch of young girls saying, “who brought their moms to the club?” So they love using LineRocket because they get to walk right in and everyone thinks they are the real housewives of NJ. It is a 180 degree swing from embarrassment to the feeling of immediate notoriety.

Q- What inspired you to start LineRocket?

A- When I started this company, I knew there was a big market for people that didn’t want to spend $1,000 or more on bottle service, but would be more than willing to pay a little extra to get that VIP treatment to just skip the line and walk right in. However, LineRocket does offer bottle service options to patrons in addition to our skip the line service because we want to give customers the option to have a customizable VIP experience.

Q- Can you use LineRocket during anytime of the year?

A- Sure, LineRocket is most beneficial for featured nights such as New Year’s Eve and Halloween. On these nights the lines for every venue in the country are guaranteed to be especially long. LineRocket can guarntee instant access for these nights, for any size party.

Q- Why is LineRocket different from other services?

A- LineRocket is the only national service of its kind. There are a few companies that offer the ability to get on a guest list, but there is still a long wait in the guest list line and no guarantee of getting in. LineRocket is the only service that actually guarntees entry, while also getting the customers inside the club instantly.

For more information check out their website LineRocket


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