Housing, shopping areas, day and night entertainment options are but some of the amenities that might interest college students who relocate to a different city to attend a local college or university. Numerous large communities across the country develop student guides that are designed to assist current and prospective college residents in quickly finding a wealth of information about the new environment.


Many students live in facility dormitories while attending school. If accommodations reach capacity or if students prefer living off-campus, researching student housing for a particular city proves helpful. The knowledge provided by local realtors is typically helpful. Real estate agents often recommend specific neighborhoods located near educational institutions. Some provide listings on individual websites. They also may display options for apartments or houses rented and shared by students in each area.

Public Transportation

If students do not bring their own vehicles to school, they need to know what public transportation services are available in the city. Student guides offer a great deal of information about bus, rail and subway options that the location offers. Guides provide the location of routes throughout the metropolis along with schedules. This information might also prove helpful when deciding upon a particular neighborhood of residence. City guides additionally feature a map of designated bike routes for those who prefer cycling from one destination to another.


When searching for a restaurant, or Macy’s department store, for example, Hoursmap is one of a variety of online tools that offer extensive data on millions of locations in numerous communities. Merely enter the name of the store, click on the venue’s URL and visit the website. Find a particular store by location, see the store hours and phone number. Read about current sales, or other information, before setting foot outside.


Use the guide to find an ethnic cuisine or a specific type of food. The guide then displays listings according to the desired search. Find the closest Italian restaurant or locations that serve pizza. Students can save time and money, as millions of facilities allow consumers to pre-order food online using a PC or mobile device. Websites also indicate whether they feature delivery or carry-out options.


City guides are also useful if looking for employment or internships related to public service occupations. Positions might be available in local school districts, law enforcement, healthcare or through utility companies. Listings may also include volunteer opportunities. Local newspapers and school bulletin boards are other options that also provide information concerning part-time or full-time employment.


If cultural events are of interest, guides feature a list of galleries, museums and theaters with links to each venue’s website. Find concerts, facility location, hours and ticket offers. Outdoor enthusiasts learn about historic tours provided in the community. Find the addresses of city and national parks or festival events held within the community. Discover biking and hiking trails in parks and recreation areas. Learn about popular local attractions. Sports fans find the listings for local college and professional teams representing different sports.