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I like simple pleasures, like butter in my ass, lollipops in my mouth. That’s just me. That’s just something that I enjoy. – Floyd Gondolli, Boogie Nights

Although most of us tend to keep things a bit more kosher than the adult film financier, Floyd has a valid point – life is all about those everyday delights, usually so elementary and common that we take them for granted.  Whether it is the first sip from a cold beer, the last glimpse of sunlight fading over the ocean, or that intoxicating aroma of new tennis balls from a fresh can of Wilsons, we all should take a moment to appreciate the wonders that make it so great to be alive.  For me, there are few feelings that rival the sensation of putting on a comfortable, soft t-shirt.  What’s even better is when that shirt is adorned with a unique, eye-catching design.  Fortunately for clothing junkies, limited edition wearable art company,, has the fix on the trendiest designs and have partnered up with the Campus Socialite for an exciting opportunity.

Finroo’s motto advises you to “swim against the tide” and this trailblazing spirit is expressed in each of their artists’ designs.  What separates Finroo from the average online clothing site is its one-of-a-kind format that can only be described as a continuous design competiton.  T-shirt artists can create an account and then submit their design ideas to Finroo for approval.  Once given the green light, artwork is placed onto shirts and designers are rewarded with 10% of the profits from each sale while a separate portion of the purchase is donated to a charity of the artist’s choosing.

All designs are sold on super high quality bamboo products that ensure a relaxed, natural feel combining both fashion and comfort. The 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton blend featured in each Finroo shirt is the ideal combination for material that provides both a soft fit and acts as a palette to accentuate vivid colors.  Shirts are available in limited edition quantities of 25, 50, 100, and 200 and each individually numbered item is sorted on the homepage based on availability, novelty, design, and popularity.  Visitors are free to offer feedback to artists and these critiques help improve the overall quality of work on Finroo.

As if their high quality, user-generated goods weren’t enough to reinforce’s distinctiveness, the site plans on introducing limited edition posters, wall decals and high quality canvas pieces for both review and purchase.  Just like their t-shirt designs, only the cream of the crop will be made available for purchase and these products are printed on demand.  Finroo welcomes submissions from all interested designers and features an artist profile page that allows customers to get to know the people behind their favorite shirts.

We at the Campus Socialite understand that our readers possess some of the most innovative minds of their generation and know that many of you are interested in the styles made popular by  With that in mind, we have joined forces with our friends at Finroo to create a contest encouraging artists to enter their design ideas for the official Campus Socialite t-shirt.  Keep checking The Campus Socialite over the next few days for more information on the contest and the terms!  Also, if you are in attendance at the big Precious Time launch party at Bar Social, will be setting up an art battle right in the lounge!  For more information on Precious Time’s red carpet event, e-mail



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