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How many times have you been on Facebook, creeping on some guy or girl you have a class with, and all of a sudden someone starts creeping on you via Facebook chat?  As you hear that little popping noise symbolizing a new message, you can’t help but get a small feeling of excitement as you look to see who sent it to you.  Unfortunately, the person who sent it is probably your average creep.  Even so, there are times when Facebook chat is more than acceptable.  Here are the 5 main reasons for using this means of communication.

1.  You or Your Housemate/Roommate Are Being Lazy

It is acceptable to use Facebook Chat if you are lying in your bed on your computer and your roommate is in the next room on their computer and neither of you feel like getting up or using the phone to ask a question.  This is when Facebook Chat is convenient.  Let’s say your roommate is in the living room (right next to the kitchen) and you are in your bedroom but want a glass of water.  You can simply chat up your friend and ask her for the water this way, and hopefully she will bring it to you.  This is one of the many instances where Facebook Chat is fast, easy, and convenient.

Facebook in class

2. You’re in Class

If you are in class, clearly using a cell phone or talking to the person next to you is distracting and too obvious.  But if you are using your laptop in class anyway, using Facebook Chat is both sneaky and convenient.  You can easily log onto Facebook and chat up whoever is online in order to a) convey information or b) relieve your boredom just a little.

Facebook Poke

3. You Would Rather Chat Than Poke

As the “poking” phenomenon dies down, Facebook Chat seems to gain in popularity.  While “poking” someone was a way to basically show your interest in that person, Facebook Chat does one better.  It shows your interest WHILE allowing you to have a conversation (if the person chooses to respond to your chat method, that is).

4. If the Person is of the Opposite Sex, They Absolutely Want To Get With You

If you only meet someone once or twice and they friend you on Facebook, not so sketchy.  However, if this person immediately begins chatting you up on Facebook, you can probably assume he/she wants to get with you.  As I said before, Facebook Chat is the new “poke,” which means they are trying to show their interest by starting up a meaningless conversation via Facebook.

Creep on Computer

5. The person is Your Average, Everyday Creep

The other day, an acquaintance I have not seen or spoken to in over a year chatted me up on Facebook.  While normally this would not be strange since the person probably just wants to check in, the conversation that ensued made it clear the person was creeping HARD.

Guys and girls, while we all may be guilty of this behavior at one point or another, keep in mind that unless you are chatting up a good friend of yours, you are probably coming off as a creep.  If this is the look you are going for, by all means continue, but if not, ease off the Facebook Chat just a bit.

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