Facebook Friending Made Simple: Just Shake Your iPhone

Ever wanted to Facebook friend someone you just met right on the spot? Until today, that wasn’t easy. But now, if you have an iPhone, all it takes is a single bump, courtesy of the Bump iPhone app.

For those of you unfamiliar with the app, Bump allows you to share contact information with friends simply by bumping your phone once with another friend’s phone (note: they much touch to work, you can’t just shake it in the air). The app then connects your iPhones and transfer contact information like phone numbers and addresses.

Now a new update to the app has brought it a couple of new features, but the one people will be talking about though is the Facebook integration. If you link your Facebook account to Bump and swap contact information with another person who has done the same, you can choose right then and there to initiate a friend request. Once done, a prompt will appear where the other party can accept or deny the friend request.

Check my Campus Socialite take on the app after the jump…

Along with the Facebook integration, Bump now boasts custom profiles, which gives users more control over the contact information they share when “bumping” or create frequently-used share settings such as “work,” “personal,” or “fake” (just in case you can’t shake off that persistent and annoying guy/girl at the bar).

Jake says that this is the first of many social media integrations that will come to Bump. So yes, you can expect the ability to follow the people you meet via Twitter just by bumping iPhones in the near future.

*Article Courtesy of Mashable

The Campus Socialite Take: I personally do not have an iPhone but I have many friends that do.  I can say that I totally appreciate the capabilities of this application, possibly even more then most.  I have been cursed with a horrible memory for names, absolutely terrible.  If I meet a girl at a bar and do not get her name and number, and I am talking full name not just Jenny Blond or Samantha Boobs, that girl is lost to me forever.  So if I had the opportunity to take out my phone as she take hers, and by gingerly touching our tips, connect permanently via Facebook, it would make my life tremendously easier.  Plus it eliminates that awkward moment that everyone has experienced where you have to take a person’s number but have no idea what their name is, so you awkwardly hand your phone to them to have them put it in, all the while they are typing they know you have no clue what their name is.  Which is why when I wake up and check my phone from time to time after a night of heavy drinking, I see names like “Do-not-call-me- berg” and “I-hate-you-awitz”.  One thing I do know by seeing those names in the morning, I was probably at a bar some where in Murray Hill last night.

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