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Fab footwear Debuting This September

By: Chelsea Weintraub (Quinnipiac University)

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If there’s one wardrobe staple more important than the perfect fall sweater, it’s a new pair of shoes. Let’s face it- women judge other women on their accessories. If you have an eye for detail, you’re analyzing every girl’s shoes, handbags, jewelry, and belts as you pass them by on your way to class. It’s often more stressful planning the perfect outfit for girls’ night out than what to wear for a first date. How do you accessorize without trying too hard for a night of drinks with your best friends? I like to use a different approach and build a look around what’s on my feet. This fall, we see the comeback of some oldies but goodies. I hope you’re all as excited as I am to flip through the September Issues (the most anticipated issue of any fashion publication’s year… and they’re DEFINITELY bigger than ever. This month’s VOGUE is 3 lbs alone!) and see how to reintroduce some old favorites and style them with the modern looks of today. The best footwear for the season is something you’ve probably tried before, and I can assure you it is more fabulous than ever.

CLOGS– Ah, the power of a good clog. Mr. Lagerfeld’s impeccable taste confirmed the shoe’s status when he sent all of his models out wearing them at Chanel’s Spring 2010 show. My BFFE BBMed me yesterday, asking how I felt about them. As it turns out, she was considering investing in a pair while on location in LA for work. She was seemingly shocked to hear me advocate the purchase. I will admit- I’ve been a clog-lover for years. In high school, I owned a brown wooden pair by Tommy Hilfiger. They no longer exist in my closet but I cannot wait to get my feet into a new pair and sport them this fall. Style tip: don’t wait for the leaves to change color to wear them out. Pair them nicely with a floral frock for a perfect transition-friendly look.

KITTEN HEELS– R.I.P. sky high stilettos. The 4 inch heels that go for 4 figures are slowly on their way out. I’m only 5’4, so I will surely be keeping them in my collection. There’s nothing like the power of a high heel. But as I’ve learned through my Fashion Bibles for fall, minimalism & simplicity are so in right now (and I am SO thankful for that). I’m constantly on the go and running around Manhattan. No matter how well trained I am at running around in pumps, my days are made easier by the 2 ½ – 3 inch heel. Yes, they can make an outfit look like a bank teller’s uniform if styled incorrectly. But this fall we can thank the Shoe Gods for designers modernizing the always-chic shoe. The days of stashing an emergency pair of ballet slippers are over. Find a fun animal print to transform the most boring outfit into a stand-out.

BOOTS– Every fall wardrobe needs a great pair of boots to go with it. ANY kind of boot- over the knee, ankle, flat, wedge, leather, suede- they all are necessities to any member of the glitterati’s shoe collection. They go as perfectly with your favorite dress as they do a pair of skinny jeans. Ready to try something new? Test out an open-toe bootie. They’re stylish and can bring you from day to night, no matter the occasion.

Having the best shoes for fall will help complete any look you have planned for the semester. Steer away from the tacky and test out these looks to be the most talked-about fashionista’s on your campus this fall. Go for neutrals and animal prints and don’t shy away from the best of materials (anyone else a sucker for suede?). Happy hunting!

Ciao for now. Xoxo.

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