Fanny Wang Lets You Fully Customize The Perfect Pair of Headphones

fanny wang

I just got a pair of headphones this past weekend and of course, 4 days go by and I stumble upon a website that would have let me design the color scheme of my own headphones, right down to the “T.” 3 Days of looking for green headphones could have been reduced to 15 minutes. Sucks to be me, but it doesn’t have to for you because Fanny Wang just earned itself a broadcast to the world. Fully functional headphones with a fully customizable color scheme.


Before you read on, I should state that these headphones are by no means cheap. In fact, they are the furthest thing from cheap. The base model (1001) costs $219.95 with an extra $50 for custom colorization. That’s a lot, considering the ones I just bought at Urban Outfitters were $60 and change. Upgrade to the 3001’s and your’re looking at $349.95 (plus $50) but they do include built-in five-watt amp, 50mm dual-plated drivers, and a bass boost switch in addition to noise cancellation. Sure, let’s go back to the colors.

These things may cost an arm and two legs, but when I say fully customizable, I mean fully customizable. The outside band, inside band, center disc, sound chambers, accent strip, earmuffs, and even the fucking cord, are all made in any color you choose. We’ve come along way since the 90’s when everyone had the same exact pair of Silver Sony behind the neck headphones. Headphones are a statement of who you are, where you stand socially, how creative you are. You can get a custom hat, a custom t-shirt, so why not a pair of custom headphones. Because the cooler you are, the sicker you’re going to make these things look. People will notice.

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