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Farmville, Tron and Dicks: South Park Does It Again

By: Meatloaf (Hofstra University)

Wednesday’s episode of South Park was the best episode they had all season. Let that sink in. Trey and Matt have done it again by getting the true essence of Facebook and Chatroulette in a 30 minute episode of pure hysteria.  Not to give away too much because this is one of the episodes you have to watch, every one in South Park gets a Facebook profile instead of poor old Stan Marsh.

Hilarity ensues when Kyle friends the biggest loser in South Park and starts dropping friends like the time you pooped your pants in kindergarten and no one wanted to give you a Valentine’s Day Candy Gram. Cartman dresses up as Jim Cramer from “Mad Money” for his own podcast called “Mad Friends,” probably the best moment in the entire episode. I also wet my pants when Kyle and Cartman embarked on the journey known as Don’t forget about Stan aka Clu (that’s a Tron reference if you don’t know about it, maybe you should) gets sucked into the Facebook and must find away to kill his profile. I’m tired trying to explain this to you so just press play to watch the episode in full after the jump. 

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