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What you should be wearing, like, now…

Thank you, fall weather, for arriving fashionably late. While I have been anticipating your arrival with splurges on cashmere sweaters and new scarves, I could not help but put my spring/summer collection into hibernation and reintroduce my collection of autumn clothes to my closet. In a challenge to integrate the old with the new, here are some ways to freshen up last year’s “been-there, done that” looks

Fashion Advice: Bring On the Tweed

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I’m a sucker for Chanel and anything that comes close to resembling it. Fortunately, I’m not alone and found my fave fashion stores stocked up with clothing featuring hints of tweed in their inventories. Some may argue that it’s too much and makes you look overdressed, but I think it’s the perfect addition for your most casual of outfits. I’m guilty of getting super lazy when it comes to getting ready for a full day ahead. Do you want to know the easiest way to cheat the system? Throw a tweed jacket over a long black tank and put on some leggings and a pair of flats. You’ll fool people into thinking you’re so put together, even when you’re not in the mood to use your fabulous fashion efforts.

Fashion Advice: It’s All About What’s Underneath

Everyone needs some glamour to mix in with the muted palettes of fall, I usually bring in a lot of ivories, blacks, and browns. And let me tell you something- they get old fast and make my closet look as boring as your third grade teacher. Get a tank with straps that are full of life- glitter, sequins, color, SOMETHING- and pair it with a chunky sweater to wear off the shoulder. Any kind of bold statement tank will look great under a solid blazer or sweater, and won’t overpower the look if you layer it, while still making a bold fashion statement.

Fashion Advice: A Touch of Color

As I mentioned above, my go-to pieces tend to be on the dull side; something fashion just is not about. Stock up on accessories that are this season’s hottest color, and if you can’t step out of your comfort zone too much, instead of black opt for gray. Adding colors is the simplest way to put some excitement into your drab wardrobe that features mostly black attire. Adding scarves in different prints and patterns is another easy, affordable option to sprucing up your outfit. Even adding a pin to a blazer, or a coat of red lipstick will make you feel more festive this fall if you can’t stray from the safety net of black clothing.

Fashion Advice: Cinched In

It’s no secret that I believe in the power of a good belt. It proves time and time again to be my ultimate savior in my every fashion meltdown. Keep a selection of skinny and wide belts in an array of colors and materials. No one will notice you wore the same sweater two weeks ago if you just switch up the styling with a different belt. Insider tip? Wear your belt overtop an open cardigan. It will slim you down and look amazing.

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