Father’s Day Gifts for Hard to Shop for Dads

Traditionally, dads can be difficult to buy for. They wind up getting the same gifts, year after year, for every holiday: the tie, the tie clip, the new wallet, and of course, the sleeve of golf balls.   Yes, dads are happy to get these gifts, but isn’t it about time to spring for something new this Father’s Day?

First off, try to define what type of dad you have. Does he like gaming? Is he a sports guy? Is he into craft beer, or travel? Most dads have area of interest which they feel defines them. It is not necessary to stick within the confines of this particular ‘type’ of gift, but it is a great place to start!

This curated list offers some out-of-the-box ideas to use as a viable gift guide, and achieve glad-dad-ness, this year.

Gifts for the Gamer Dad

  • T-shirts – Most dads love t-shirts, and there are a bevy of gamer t-shirts on the market. Your dad can show off his mad skill with cool gamer tees and tanks.
  • Drinkware – Whether he is pouring beer, cola, water or whisky, there is a mug, glass, or tumbler with pithy, and matter-of-fact gamer verbiage inscribed, to inspire and satisfy any gamer dad.
  • Visa gift cards – What does every gamer dad want? More games, of course.  What better way to buy more games, than gifting dad customized Visa gift cards. Upload your favorite photo of you and dad, and turn the gift card you purchase into a real treasure. Walmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Amazon, as well as many other stores, make these cards easily available. Want to do a little corporate branding? Upload your logo to create these superb gifts for clients, leads, and employees.
  • Vintage gaming consolesDad will get a grand kick out of playing games on a vintage Sega Genesis or Atari. 

Gifts for the Techie Dad

  • Portable power bank – What does a tech dad need more than his go-to tech apparatuses? A way to power his tech stuff, of course. These kits make it easy for dad to stay well-powered, and well-connected.
  • Flashlight gloves –  Maybe dad has been working on the car, or on a project that requires a little extra light. Boom, fingerless LED flashlight gloves will give him exactly the light he needs, where he needs it.
  • Color-changing light bulbs – Remember when the only options for lighting were white and soft white? Those days are long gone. With an LED color-changing bulb, your dad will be able to remotely power the lights, as well as change their colors to reflect his mood.
  • Magnetic levitating Bluetooth speaker – What? Musical, magnetic orbs, hovering in mid-air? No need to say more!

Gifts for the Hunter Dad

  • Hand warmer – He sits outside for hours, waiting, watching, and getting cold! A rechargeable hand warmer is the perfect gift for the hunter dad. It is just the right size, and will keep him cozy and frostbite-free.
  • Portable campfire – Maybe it is raining? Maybe he forgot matches or, maybe it is too dark to search for kindling. A portable campfire will radiate heat, and allow for hours of brightness.
  • Handmade duck call – Choose from different wood types, designated sounds, and designs. A handmade duck call is truly a work of art. Whether he uses it for luring ducks, or not, this gift is bound to be treasured for years to come!
  • Fish and game cookbook – He has hunted it, now it is time to eat it. Help dad perfect his culinary game, with a cookbook created especially for hunters and fishermen.

Gifts for the Creative Dad

  • Leather-bound journal – A handsome place to write down his thoughts, lists, and travel plans, is especially useful. A leather-bound journal offers endless possibilities, and a vintage touch he’ll lovingly appreciate.
  • Coffee stencils – Use stencils on lattes, cappuccinos, or even hot chocolate. Whimsical stencil sets will help dad get in touch with his creative side.
  • The perfect ballpoint pen –  As everyone knows, the pen is mightier than the sword. So why not introduce a grade-A, stainless steel, ballpoint pen into your dad’s life?
  • Mars dust globe – Terrestrial snow globes are so 2021.  Get dad a Mars dust globe and he can imagine himself roaming the Martian terrain, right alongside the Curiosity.

Gifts for the Golfer Dad

  • Pressurized putt trainer – Just like being on the golf course, this handy little item rejects bad putts, and returns good ones. Dad can work on his game anywhere, anytime.
  • Club groove sharpeners – The perfect way to revitalize old clubs, a groove sharpener cleans out the debris from the club’s grooves, without damaging them.
  • Personalized golf balls – A new spin on an old gift. Personalize your dad’s next round of golf balls with his name, initials or “Best Dad Ever.” He will be sure to think of you every time he takes a swing.
  • Golf subscription box – The gift that keeps giving. Dad will enjoy a steady influx of golf hats, shoes, clothes, and towels. He can determine, from this array of thoughtful gifts, what he wants, to best suit his style.

Don’t miss the opportunity to lavish greatness, and appreciation, on your dad this Father’s Day. Regardless of the gift he receives, knowing you put thought into it, will fill him with the greatest joy of all.

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