Media Avoiding Brett Favre Controversy

Brett Favre

If you go to you can see Brett Favre’s schlong (allegedly).

Brett Favre, husband of breast cancer survivor Deanna Favre and father of two daughters, made blatantly obvious attempts to sleep with the gorgeous Jenn Sterger (allegedly). The best part is the mainstream media doesn’t seem to care.,,, and don’t even mention the story on their websites. has it as a news note because Jason Whitlock had the guts to write a column about it (haven’t read the column yet, I don’t want it to influence my thoughts).

Can someone please explain to me how Brett Favre sending pictures of his junk isn’t a newsworthy story? Tiger Woods having an affair was all over the mainstream news. We saw it on every website, and TV stations from ESPN to CNN had around the clock coverage.

If the Deadspin story is accurate I believe what Brett Favre has done is worse than the Tiger Woods situation. Favre has been married to his wife longer, has kids who are older, and Deanna/Brett were very public when she battled through breast cancer.

Favre FamilyIn 2007 there was a story that had lines like this: “After the game we spoke with Brett’s biggest hero, his wife Deanna. She fought a courageous and triumphant battle with breast cancer.”

It was less than a year after the above line was written when Favre joined the New York Jets. And sometime during his time with the Jets was when the Sterger incident occurred (allegedly).

Is my point of view on this story slanted? Absolutely, I can’t deny that I despise Brett Favre.

I didn’t like him when he was on the Packers, I wanted to throw something at my TV when he let Michael Strahan break the sack record, I fumed with the retire/unretired crap, he ruined a Jets season by playing injured instead of taking a couple games off and returning, and then he forced his way to Minnesota where he wanted to go all along.

As we have learned through the years, Brett Favre is all about himself. He is just as egocentric as LeBron James. Favre wants to be the story and makes sure he is the story.

The Favre schlong story is another level of selfishness that I didn’t even believe he could cross.  I, at times, thought he used the family angle as a way ofBrett Favre getting good press, but I never thought he would disrespect his wife and family in this manner (allegedly).

Right now is the time for the media to stop worrying about whether Brett Favre is going to connect with Randy Moss for three touchdowns on Monday Night Football.

The media has set a precedent whether it is Kobe Bryant, Big Ben, or Tiger Woods to invade athlete’s personal lives.

Why has it now stopped when the name Brett Favre is involved? Has this love affair with and glamorization of Brett Favre in sports media finally gone too far. Is the aim of ESPN and other networks to make us think that Favre can do no wrong? These are worth while questions.

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