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Unfortunately, we’re not quite certain whether Joe Rogan will return to his hosting duties, but NBC did announce that the show will finally be back on the air with new episodes after several years tucked away in the deepest darkness of the network’s archives. The decision came after NBC execs noticed an increased viewership in Fear Factor reruns on their sister channel Chiller. Since NBC took back some street cred with the singing competition show The Voice, they’re ready to make a power play by bringing back what was quite possibly the grossest show on television. Back in 2001, no one was ready for a competition like Fear Factor. Now, with reality TV owning a majority of network airtime and people embarrassing themselves on a national scale for a living, the show might be poised for its golden age. We have no idea when Fear Factor will make its triumphant return, or what kind of sick shit it will see contestants take part in, but you can bet your ass we’ll be watching. Seriously though, Joe Rogan NEEDS to come back…check out why after the jump.

And here are a few more of our favorite Fear Factor moments:

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