Fiat and Gucci Team Up to Make Fashionable Car

Okay, I throw around the word “baller” a lot, but guys, I seriously mean it this time when I say that I think I’ve found the most baller thing ever: a Fiat car that’s designed by Gucci. That’s right, Gucci, which I’m 99% sure is the Italian word for vagina. It’s the Fiat 500, and if you had one you could impress every woman that’s ever been born by showing her your Gucci headrests, seat belts, and other things. I’m pretty sure they should even throw in a special Gucci cushion/pillow to put on your lap to help the girl out that’s giving you road head. In fact, that should be their slogan: Buy the Fiat 500, you’ll get head while you drive it.

That’s some fine ass interior right there. The Fiat 500 might be one of the most fashionable cars I’ve ever seen, and that’s all that really matters. Of course there are always the specs to consider, but who gives a fuck? If I’m buying a car that’s designed by Gucci, it’s because it’s designed by Gucci, not because of how much money I can save on gas. So maybe it’ll drive like shit, maybe I’ll be paying $200 in gas a week, but when that bitch sits in the passenger seat, she’s going to recognize that I’m the most baller baller that ever balled. Oh, by the way, it also comes in white!

You can even see that optional convertible top with that Gucci stripe. Besides the fact that it looks like a Beetle, I think the car looks pretty legit. If you just have fuckshittons of money laying around, be the baller you were born to be.

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