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Thanksgiving is over and the end is near, the end of the semester that is. Before you’re home free for that glorious winter vacation there is one tiny road block standing in your way, finals. With finals right around the corner it’s never too early to start stocking up on some of the necessities. While you’re stocking up it’s best not to forget you’ll probably sit wherever you set up camp for a long period of time, so having everything you need in one convenient place will make studying for finals that much easier.

Like with all things in life preparation is essential, and here is a way to prep you for your upcoming week of hell.

Energy drinks/Caffeine

There have been so many people leaving the library, because they’re tired and can’t focus when they’re tired.  Stock up on your energy first, the more the better, yes it’s unhealthy, but do you care about your health when you’re calling dominos at 3 in the morning? I didn’t think so.


Studying is a grueling task and sometimes you forget to eat, so it’s really important to have your favorite snacks on hand to keep you in the study groove. In my opinion ‘Twizzlers’ and a ‘ Polar pop’, a 32 oz. drink that’s best when mixed, my favorite part is that it’s dirt cheap perfect for my college budget.


Nothing is worse than being in the middle of your studying and you computer battery dies.  Having the supplies you need like note cards, laptop charger, USB drive, etc. near you will make your life easier and personally during finals I’m all about having things being easy.

Study Space

This is very important, maybe the most important factor when it comes to studying. Where you study can pretty much make or break your study session.  Your bed or futon is probably too comfy, most library chairs are stiff and hard, the key to a good study space is having enough room to work while still being comfortable.

Most importantly don’t stress too much, finals suck but soon you’ll be off for a couple of weeks and won’t have to worry about it until next year and that is something to be thankful for.

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