Finals Procrastination Challenge #2: New Beastie Boys Video Drinking Game


Remember the ‘80’s? Of course you don’t, liar. If you’re an undergraduate right now, chances are you weren’t alive at all in the 80’s and if you were, you weren’t capable of feeding yourself. But just because you were barely alive, doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate some of the great music that came out of the decade of big hair, music videos, and Reaganomics. Specifically, you can appreciate the Beastie Boys, who, twenty-five years since their album “License To Ill” are releasing a killer new album, along with a half-hour new music video that’ll make a great weeknight drinking game. More after the jump.


Before “Hot Sauce Committee Part Two” becomes available on Tuesday (it’s a quality album, especially for guys well past their heyday), I recommend checking out “Fight For Your Right Revisited,” the Beastie Boys’ half-hour “music” video. The video picks up right where the original video left off, as the boys tumble out of a crashed house party. However, the Beastie Boys of the 80’s are recreated by Elijah Wood, Seth Rogen, and Danny McBride in this video. As they spill out of the party, they continue to stumble through ‘80’s-style New York City streets on a journey full of stolen beer, psychedelic limo rides, and an encounter with their future selves.


Throughout the wild trip are a slew of big name actors and comedians. Even the extras and crowd scenes are stocked with recognizable faces including the real Beastie Boys themselves. It’s like Where’s Waldo, but in this case, Waldo is Steve Buscemi. The video just goes to show, that if the Beastie Boys want you in their video, no matter how famous you are, you’re gonna be in their fuckin’ video. Check out the trailer below to get a taste of the madness.

If you’re sick of finals this week, take a break, watch the video (you’ll have to get a Hulu account to confirm that you’re over 18, there’s a lot of peeing in this video), and take a drink whenever you spot any of the notable names below. Some will be more obvious than others. Also, if you’re playing with shots, don’t, because you’ll probably die. Like I said, it’s only half an hour long. Enjoy!

The List:

Elijah Wood

Danny McBride

Seth Rogen

Susan Sarandon

Stanley Tucci

Rashida Jones

Will Arnett

Adam Scott

Mike Mills

Rainn Wilson

Ted Danson

Steve Buscemi

Amy Poehler

Mary Steenburgen

Laura Dern

Jason Schwartzman

Kirstin Dunst

Maya Rudolph

David Cross

Orlando Bloom

Will Ferrell

John C. Reilly

Jack Black

Adam Horovitz

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