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While I was setting up my calendar this morning, I realized that finals start in two weeks. I remember moving into my place like it was yesterday. Where did this semester go? It really does feel like I just got my syllabus. I realized there was no point in panicking and thought of some ways I could get through the rest of the semester without burning myself out.

If you haven’t made friends in your classes, then you better start now. There are people in the same boat as you and now is not the time for you to think you can take on three books alone. It will be easier if you realize you need extra help studying, and you’ll get to meet a lot of new people who are also knee deep in finals.

Take advantage of the person who says they are going to compile all of their notes. A note compilation is always worth getting because there is always that slight chance you missed something. It also helps because there is usually at least one person who records the notes ands sends that along with the note compilation. Class facebook groups could be a potential place where people are sharing notes and planning study sessions as well.

Plan out the rest of your schedule. This is the biggest part of making it through a rough semester. You need to realize what your hardest subject is and devote most of the time to that subject, rather than focusing on the class you have an A in. If you plan your schedule and study the right way there is no doubt that you will get out of the semester alive.

DON’T STUDY WITH YOUR FRIENDS. As much as you think this can help you it will only hurt you. Your friends will be the main reason you will not get anything done. Something will come up where they tell you about how they broke their nail or what they ate for lunch just to get their mind off studying.

Talk to your professors. They are the ones that know what is going to be on the final and if you start asking for help now, they’ll know you’re making the final a priority. They will see how dedicated you are to doing well in the class. It might even just help you if you are border lining between grades. Getting on first name bases with teachers will also help when you need that recommendation.

Don’t study with your computer unless you have work on it. The only thing you will be doing is end up on Facebook. Have your friend change your password so just in case you do have the urge to check to see if someone liked your status, you can’t because you don’t know your own password.

This one is optional and mainly for those people who literally have not gone to class in 4 weeks. Use thanksgiving break to study. It is your own fault but if you take those extra three days where you don’t have anymore assignments to worry about, it’ll help in the end.

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