Five Fashion Statements That Say “I’m Insecure”

Ladies put a lot of time, money, and effort into composing their wardrobes. Unfortunately, collegiate clothing connoisseurs aren’t always coming up roses. Though it’s unreasonable to expect anyone to be a regular Rachel Zoe, there are certain styles that simply beg for the wrong kind of attention. Take heed to these fashion faux pas, lest you be gawked wearing your insecurity on your sleeve!

Synchronizing Outfits With Your Friends

The bonds of friendship are forged through the interests and experiences that you share with your pals. That being said, juxtaposing style sense with your BFF when getting decked out for a night on the town appears more codependent than coordinated. Obeying a dress code strips you of individuality and declares that you lack character and cognizance (or at least the courage to let your true colors shine). Agree on an aesthetic (“boho chic”), but stop short of transforming your clique into a creepy cult of wannabe Stepford Wives.

Shirts That Say “I Love My Boyfriend”

Though you may be inclined to shout praise for your beau from the rooftops, changing your relationship status on Facebook is the tactfully thorough way to announce your attachment. If you take your declaration of monogamy to the clothing level, observers jump to some rather unflattering conclusions; either that you depend on male-repellant outfits to stop you from slutting it up when booboo isn’t around, or that you are a victim of a jealous, hyper-controlling alpha male psycho. Going to such excessive lengths to flaunt the fact that you are in a relationship appears more needy than needed.

Inadequately Warm Clothing

It is fifty degrees outside, and November. Yet girls are still wandering to class in short-shorts and miniskirts. FYI ladies: despite what American Apparel wants you to think, tights do not count as pants. Unless you are running to the gym, do not leave your residence in any clothing that bares your legs or shoulders. Wearing these summertime style leftovers is like chowing down on the Chinese delivery food left in your fridge: it will briefly fill you up (with questionable male appendages) then leave you empty inside and questioning your choices.

Heels Before 5 PM

Stilettos before sundown are the domain of streetwalkers and supermodels, and we all know that those types of girls never make it to college. Prancing across the quad in pumps only calls attention to your vertical impairment (and blistered feet). The practical absurdity of hobbling across campus in heels far outweighs any cute points those shoes score for your outfit. Unless you are paying your tuition “Pretty Woman” style, keep your footwear functional during business hours.

Underwear As Outerwear

Yes, layering a lace cami under a blazer was totally in vogue in spring of 2008. The same is true for voluminous Betsey Johnson tea dresses and “The Rihanna” asymmetrical bob – enough said. Accessories like embroidered headbands or a lace-detailed clutch can add flirtatious femininity without giving away all of Victoria’s Secrets. Like the location of your favorite vintage boutique or painful memories of your fat days in middle school, the sight of your skivvies should be divulged for select audiences only.

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