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By: Travis Harvey (Illinois State University)

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Summer is quickly coming to an end and that means it’s time to get back on the grind. But before you can do that you have to prepare yourself for the upcoming year and for your incoming freshmen you have a lot to ready yourselves for. College is a lot different from high school, not only in the level of difficulty in some classes, but also your freedom and the type of people you will meet.  To help you with your task we’ve come up with the 5 people you’re sure to meet that first week of college.

Super meat head

Sorry but you didn’t leave these behind in high school, actually I’m pretty sure they just evolve to new forms of themselves. Before they were just jocks, but now they come in a few different forms… Fraternity guys can be the worse though (not all of them though I can say this from personal experiences being a fraternity guy.)  the super meat head comes in all shapes and sizes but the most annoying are the ones suffering from a Napoleon complex.

Leash kids gone wild

This one hits close to home, there are kids who come to college that didn’t go out in party in high school and their parents were kind of over protective. So this kid can either be a lot of fun or a hassle.  The former leash kid will divulge he didn’t drink or go out in high school and proceed to do his first beer bong. The fun version of this kid will go out and party hard, but will keep themselves in check. If the kid literally goes completely out of control, well I hope you want to spend your whole night being responsible for this kid and trying to make sure they don’t end up in the hospital getting his/her stomach pumped… that’s worst case scenario obviously.

The overzealous sorority prospect

She’s pretty, she’s peppy and she’s ready to join the BEST SORORITY on campus. Did you really think this popular hot girl was going to settle for anything less? Doubtful but just wait until she realizes philanthropies and fundraisers actually take work.  Eventually this girl will begin to change her ways and become a more productive member of society unlike the super meat head. The overzealous prospect can be found meeting people who are also going greek so they can hangout once recruitment is over.

The big partier

The big partier does everything, stays out the latest and just loves having fun.  Most of the time his mornings are spent nursing hangovers.  This person is a lot of fun on weekends but a GPA killer the rest of the time.  The big partier wants to go out every night of the week and just wants to have fun, please don’t let this kid and the former leash kid get together results can be dangerous.

The Gamer

This kid will pretty much never see the outside of his dorm room except for class and that’s a stretch. Games are his/her life when they’re online they aren’t creeping on Facebook, they are most likely on forums reading about the latest games or the game they are currently playing.  You may attempt to get this person to go out and be social but its sure to be a challenge.  Wonder how long it’ll take to find someone who has played Modern Warfare 2.

Don’t let these sometimes overwhelming people scare you, just remember to be yourself and have fun that first week. Oh, and the physics lecture that sounds like a foreign language… yeah it doesn’t get better with time, but hey there’s always that big party to look forward to this weekend. You can even invite some of the new people you met.

Honorable mention

School super fan– this freshman will be super excited about everything your new school has to offer.  You’ll probably avoid this person because they are so overwhelming and you just want to adjust to your new surroundings in peace.

Super  “friendly” freshman– yeah so friendly they end up in the bed of anyone they deem attractive. You will meet this person but depending  on the person it may be hard to tell if they are.

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