That’s right. It’s time to stop crying about being single and start embracing it. And if you’re currently tied down, unravel yourself. Need sexual release? Masturbate. Hookup with some rando. Have a summer fling. Need emotional connection? Call a friend. Call your parents. Call anyone with emotions. If you don’t believe me, check out the following reasons and you’ll change your mind.

1. Trust issues

Have you ever spent hours on Facebook stalking your significant other’s pictures, videos, wall posts, statuses etc.? Well I have, so I’m sure some of you have as well. You see a wall post from a guy and wonder if he’s flirting with your girlfriend, and then this leads you to wonder if maybe they’ve met in person, and of course then you wonder if maybe they have been secretly friends for months, which inevitably leads you to assume your girlfriend has been cheating on you since day one.

In positive psychology it’s called the “downward spiral.” We all do it. Facebook definitely helps expedite the process in cases like these. If you find yourself having trust issues with your partner stemming from seemingly innocent social media interactions, it’s time to be single. If you really need to waste time on Facebook, waste it by stalking potential hookups at your school.

2. More time for Me


Let’s face it. People our age don’t really have time for a boyfriend or girlfriend. We’re trying to pad our resumes, boost our GPAs, land the best summer internships, and ultimately find our dream jobs. Imagine having to deal with another person with all the same problems? Forget about studying for that exam – your girlfriend is nervous about her interview tomorrow and needs you to help her practice.  Circumstances like this come up all the time, and in the end everyone is just worse off.

3. Embrace The New

Couples become complacent. They settle into a routine and rarely step outside of it. What’s the fun in that? Singles are going out, meeting cool new people, and discovering a whole world of fun and excitement that couples pass up. Most people our age are driven by the urge to meet other single people to hookup with, or at least to meet new friends that could turn into something more. We “broaden our horizons” – aka frequent different clubs and bars – to increase our pool of potential mates. And even when couples go out, they are generally just living in their own bubble and don’t even notice what’s going on around them.

4. Bros Before Hos

always sunny

The saying “bros before hos” is true. Girlfriends and hookups are fleeting. Friends aren’t – unless you just suck and no one wants to stay friends with you. In that case, it’s likely you’ve also been single forever and don’t really need to read this. Most people are lucky to keep just one of these “lovers” for the long haul. But with divorce rates hovering around a whopping 50 percent these days, even marriage is no guarantee. Work on your friendships right now. They are more likely to last, or at least more likely to last longer.

5.  You are free to do whatever (or whomever) you want

There’s nothing more annoying than a significant other that constantly wants to know what you’re doing. Many even forbid you from doing certain things or seeing certain people. Screw that. These are some of the best years of our lives, so we should make the most of them. Do whatever you want. Do whoever you want. Soon it won’t be acceptable anymore. Soon we’ll all have real lives and maybe even families of our own. That’s the time to say goodbye to your freedom. Not now. If you are currently in a relationship and your partner starts picking and choosing who you can be friends with or starts dictating what’s appropriate to do without her, dump her.

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