Five Ways to Help You Find a Job in LA


Being out of work is stressful. Those receiving unemployment benefits have to keep record of the jobs they apply for. Bills keep coming and the situation is urgent. In this economy, finding a job can be a long process that can be disheartening. There are ways to make the search a little less painful and to help with the stress of job searching.


The internet gave birth to the meet-up. Online communities and groups venture out into the real world and have get-togethers. There are different types of meet-ups – some for those who are transitioning in their careers, some to help with career development skills or resume building, others as networking opportunities. Meet-ups are a good place to start. They offer not only skills and services, but a place of community that might help keep the unemployed afloat while they are waiting for the applications to come back.


Well, sort of. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and Craigslist can all be important job resources that are rarely talked about. Many companies post job openings on their social media pages in order to recruit the job applicants who understand the power of social media. The world is careening to a place where everything is done via the web. So, checking out those resources might offer new job opportunities, and it will show that the applicant is up-to-speed on what’s trending – a quality employers looking for.

Search Engines

Job search engines work like Google for the job market. There are many different search engines – some for niche markets, some for a certain geographical area, and some have a wider range. The best search engine for each individual applicant depends on what the applicant is looking for. Some have filters on the site itself; for example, some offer search bars for “location”, so it’s quick and easy to type in “unemployment Los Angeles” and find jobs just in that area. Other filters can be added to reduce the stress of scrolling through page after page of job openings that don’t meet the applicants’ interests, skills, or requirements.


Don’t forget that the world exists outside of the computer. There is a hidden job market that exists through networking and word-of-mouth. Getting in contact with people who could keep an ear to the ground or make recommendations can be an incredible resource, even if it is just to point the applicant in the right direction for where to look.

Make it Count

Everyone has passions. Everyone is passionate about something, and there are usually some companies that match up with those passions. We all work to pay bills, but if there’s an element of passion and fun to the job, everyone involved with be happier. Check out the websites of companies and find out what they stand for and what they do. Don’t forget – work can be fun and rewarding, if applicants know where to look (which depends on what the applicant is passionate about).


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