When I was in junior high school I used to spend hours on the phone with girls. My telephone game was sharp and was put into practice almost every night. Nowadays, I haven’t spent more than 30 minutes on the phone with anyone since a long distance relationship I had during freshman year of college (and you know you had to put the phone time into those relationships or you were definitely not getting laid when you go home for Thanksgiving week and the Jewish holidays). So what has taken the place of these extensive phone conversations in which you bullshit about everything from what TV channel you were watching at the moment to the drunk girl who hooked up with 8 guys at a house party last weekend. Text messaging is the key to developing a new relationship! If you’re not keeping your text game fresh then you’re simply not going to be getting any. 

Text messages may be brief simple responses, with abbreviations and total lack of proper grammar, but they are much more complex then one might think. There are many things to consider before sending a text message or replying to one.

Make Sure You Send The Right Text Message To The Right Person
I start with this obvious tip because although you might think to yourself “what kind of idiot sends a text message to the wrong person?” but please believe me, it happens. I’ve seen relationship break ups occur because of one person meaning to send a text message to a friend and it accidentally goes to their significant other whom they were just texting with a few minutes before. CHECK WHO YOU ARE SENDING THE MESSAGE TO BEFORE YOU CLICK SEND!

Timing is crucial when it comes to text messaging. The time in which you send a text message can say many different things. You send someone a text message after the clock strikes 2 am and both parties involved know there is one purpose and one purpose only behind that message and it’s not to book lunch the next day. The person sending the message is most likely a few drinks deep and is hoping the person receiving the message is a few drinks deeper. On the other hand, if you send someone a text message at 2 pm on a Wednesday it sends off a totally different impression. Your then the person that is checking in, letting the person know that you’re thinking about them, and that you actually would like to communicate with them when you’re sober and coherent.

Short & Sweet
Text Messaging was invented for the purpose of quick questions and answers. If your planning on writing a novel to someone via text message then pick up the damn phone and call. Keep things simple. If you start over-texting and writing too much you will probably end up looking desperate, transparent, and way too available. People like mystery, so keep your texts vague and witty. Make the other person think, wow this guy or girl is cool, or busy, or confident, or any other quality that you know will turn them on.  If you start going on and on about how your both destined to be together and that you had a dream about them last night and asking the person a million questions, you’re going to move quickly into the stalker zone. Stay out of the stalker zone!

Delay Your Response
Nobody wants someone that is always available to them. Everyone likes a chase, they may not admit it but without a little game there will be no excitement, no fun, and probably no sex at the end of the day. Although you might be tempted to quickly respond when the girl or guy you’re interested in finally sends you that text message you have been waiting for, don’t respond immediately. Control your itchy trigger finger and let them stew for a while. You want them acting like a nervous passionate wreck awaiting your response, so by the time you reply with something short and sweet they’ll be dying for more.

Keep in mind the end game. If you have been going back and forth with texts for days but have no end in sight, then eventually the fire is going to die out before you even get a chance to seal the deal. Make sure you eventually escalate things to a phone call or make plans to grab a drink. And when things seem to be getting boring and you want things to start getting a little edgier then go into test mode. Do your initial dirty talk at 2 am on a Friday night this way if she responds well you could close the deal right there and then, and if she responds with an, “Ew, don’t you dare tell me you want to spank me”…. You can play the “wow, I was so drunk last night, my bad about the crazy texts” card. If you don’t “remember it”, it never happened.

More text messaging game tips to come. And soon we will touch on the BBM game which is a totally different beast altogether!

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