Meet The Businesses & Entrepreneurs At The 2010 Kairos Global Summit

Campus Socialite Media was honored to be invited to cover an inspiring expression of entrepreneurship this weekend in New York City.  Kairos Society’s Global Entrepreneurship Summit took place this past weekend on Saturday, April 17th 2010 in which 100 of the most innovative student ventures were on display at the New York Stock Exchange.  The event was sponsored by esteemed individuals and businesses in corporate America, including Intelius, The Matzorkis Family, NYSE, Merlin Information Services, Teoco,,, Granaria Holdings, 2020 Company LLC, 1st Round Records, and The Dilenschneider Group to name a few.

After being welcomed by Ankur Jain, the Founder and President of Kairos Society, and Duncan Niederauer, CEO of the New York Stock Exchange, we were given the opportunity to explore the vast college student run entrepreneurship ventures, communicate with the leaders and discuss potential future business partnerships.  Below and in articles to come over the next few weeks, we will spotlight some of the entrepreneurs and businesses that we encountered during this grand event. 


Naveen Jain, CEO of Intelius, was not only one of the key note speakers during the “Understanding Global Entrepreneurship & Leadership” breakout session, but he was also happy to fill people in on  the innovations going on at Intelius.  Intelius newest product, Date Check, is a first of its kind mobile app, and an unbelievable marketing strategy for the business.  It is being featured on Jerry Springer’s new project with the Game Show Network: Baggage.  Date Check is a mobile app that offers you detailed information about the partner you are on a date with, incase you don’t feel like trusting his word alone (or what his internet dating profile might have said).

Simply enter a name, phone number or email address and instantly get accurate and comprehensive results. With features like Sleaze Detector, Compatibility, $$$, Interests and Living Situation, you can be in the know on the go. “Look up before you hook up.”

Skini Mints

Alec Bowers founded a company called Diat Concepts, LLC.  Diat Concepts is a nutrition company that delivers its products primarily through food. Their first product Skini Mints, is the world’s first appetite suppressing breath mint. Skini Mints eliminates the urge to eat, allowing one to either eat less at meals or completely skip meals, depending on the number of mints consumed.  Skini Mints is primarily targeting the 18 – 40 year old female consumer.


Rebecca Pelletier, an account manager at, informed me of the unique services that Skillter had to offer both corporate companies looking to hire talented young minds and young adults looking for gainful employment.  “Skillter is the solution to the problem of today’s job boards: How can you turn a mountain of résumés into an efficient, actionable hiring plan that will provide great hires that fit well with your organization?  Skillter’s matching engine connects pre-qualified job seekers with career opportunities using 16 Scales of Compatibility. These validated psychometric algorithms focus on attitude and corporate culture fit rather than mere résumés and keywords, to create lasting professional relationships that create sustainable value.”

1st Round Enterprises

1st Round Enterprises made sure that their presence in New York would not go unnoticed.  Founded in March of 2009, 1st Round contains 5 operating divisions, highlighted by their most successful branch 1st Round Records.  Not only was 1st Round Enterprises a Gold Sponsor of the Kairo Summit, but they also organized some of the Saturday night entertainment at Greenhouse NYC by having their rising music icon under their management, Sam Adams, perform in front of a packed NYC venue.  CEO of 1st Round Entertainment, soon to be future CEO of 1st Round Sports, Sterling Brewster was responsible for the successful after party.

IQ Golf

Patrick Kovacs, of the Young Entrepreneurs Association Hungary, is the president of IQ Golf. IQ Golf has a team of innovators, that have developed a unique measuring system for golf courses and players. The measuring system is to locate the golf ball after the hit and registeres all the results.  With the help of this product, golf courses can offer their customers special services and golf players can get continuous feedback on their development.  By installing distance measuring censors in to the driving range of a golf course, they can align with the special microchip in these professional quality golf balls.  The patented small battery inside of the golf balls can be recharged wirelessly.

Continue to check back with Campus Socialite Media for more reports from the Kairos Summit.  Expect interviews with the young innovators and experienced entrepreneurs that participated participated in making this event such a remarkable experience for everyone involved.

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