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For Your Valentine’s Day Pleasure: Girls with Heart-Shaped Pasties (Gallery NFSW)

It’s almost Valentine’s Day…If you don’t have a sure-thing or a date, then you better get on it. If you end up spending the day in your dark cave of a dorm room, crying about how miserable your life is, that’s your own fault. Man up and spit some game at whatever girl you can find (You don’t even need game to land a grenade…If you’re willing to lower your standards for one night – Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone). But if you choose to go the lonely route, then we got you covered. Instead of the cliche gallery of chicks in red lingerie, we decided to get a little bit more specific: It’s girls with heart-shaped pasties! So grab the nearest box of tissues and put on a sad song because your life is only going to get more pathetic. Love, The Campus Socialite.


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