Four Ways To Make Your Dorm The Coolest

When it comes to living in a dorm, it can be a nightmare or it can be a fun experience. While your roommate(s) may have something to do with how much or how little you enjoy your time, so do you, and what you bring to your dorm matters too.

If you want to have fun and be comfortable, as well as get along with your roommate(s) and make friends, here are some tips for how to decorate and sustain your dorm room area.

You Need A Comfortable Bed

First of all, if you want to make it through college, you’re going to need a good night’s sleep, which means you need to have a comfortable bed to sleep in. When you go mattress shopping, try them out before you buy them. Mattress stores have demos set up just for that fact.

Obviously, you need to pick a mattress that goes with the type of bed you have. If your dorm already supplied you with a bed and mattress, find out if you can replace them with your own or not. You may also want to invest in some earplugs, just in case.

Have All The Right Electronics

You’ll likely be busy with classes, studying, social events, and who knows what else, but you still might want to have a cool gaming system, some tunes, and a TV so that you can enjoy some entertainment in your down time, or bond with your roomie over some gaming action.

You may not want to have the latest and greatest items in your dorm room, especially if you have a lot of visitors. You don’t want things to go missing or at least get broken or damaged in crowds.

What About Food And Snacks

Sure, there’s probably a vending machine down the haul, but even college students can’t sustain on junk food the whole time. Consider having a microwave, a hot plate, or at least a small tabletop (indoor) grill, and a mini fridge. These are musts for dorm life.

You may be surprised at how many things you can cook in a microwave and make in a dorm space to eat. If you want to ace your classes, you need to eat!

Decor Says Everything

You want your decor to not annoy your roommate(s), but you also want to feel at home. Plus, decorating your dorm is how you can easily let people know the real you. Maybe you’re a Dr. Who fan, a comic book nerd, or you prefer things simple.

Don’t be afraid to let at least some of your decor reflect the real you. And don’t forget a bedside lamp! You’ll need it for some late night cram sessions.

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