By: Kelsey Pinault (University of Miami)

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Although fraternities have different labels among themselves, one stereotype that is rarely used is the “gay, bisexual, and progressive fraternity”. This, however, will change next year at the University of Miami, as it has at over 25 other colleges since 1986.

Delta Lambda Phi was formed as the first alternative fraternity for men who were tired of being discriminated based on sexual orientation. Now one of the fastest growing fraternities, Delta Lambda Phi focuses on the usual areas of a fraternity life such as social service, as well as promoting the individuality of people and respect to diversity.

The University of Miami recently held a meeting for all 12 current fraternity presidents to vote on the proposal of the addition of Delta Lambda Phi to the campus. After consulting leaders in each organization, the presidents voted anonymously. Delta Lambda Phi got the vote 10-2, and will be joining the other Inter Fraternity Council groups in the fall semester of 2011.

UM, known for it’s increasingly diverse campus also has a student organization devoted to gay rights. Spectrum, open to the LGBT community and its supporters, has had a presence on campus for years.

A fraternity respecting gay and bisexual rights does a lot more than offer an organization to those who relate. The dominating presence of Delta Lambda Phi shows that no matter what laws are passed or banned on the issue, the leaders of tomorrow are truly accepting change. There are many times when I am less than pleased with my generation; however, acts like this truly give me hope.

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