From Top Of The Totem Pole To The Bottom…Welcome To The Real World

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The semester is officially over and all grades are in, hopefully you passed everything and can enjoy your summer not worrying about those few credits you’re missing because you failed calculus . To those of you with a summer job, congratulations, make that money and know that you will be back on campus partying it up within two months. But what about those who no longer can call college home?

For all you recent college grads those fantastic four years are over and now it’s time to take those skills you were supposed to learn in college (probably ended up missing them but for good reason at least, being hungover on a Wednesday morning and playing Guitar Hero) and apply them to a professional path which is commonly referred to as the “real world”. That will be the last time I use the phrase “real world”, it has become a negative saying which symbolizes 40 years of banishment to a 5:30 AM alarm going off and  a cubicle measuring 4 x 4. Let me tell you the post college world is awesome, it may not be the four years of madness, more drunken nights that sober and sleeping until 2PM everyday, but it has its perks as well.

Now for all you Campus Socialites, you have ruled your respected campus for years, you threw the best parties, knew everyone who was someone, and got more tail than Tommy Lee at the Playboy Mansion. You were hands down on top of the collegiate totem poll, and now with college behind you, you start all over and are at the very bottom. But a true Campus Socialite does not accept this so called “working your way up”, theory – you have been to the top of the totem poll and there is no reason to ever go back. For all you looking for a job after college, we know the interview process can be frustrating and draining, that’s why were here to help you out. True story, I tanked my first few interviews; I mean I really shit the bed.

One example: I some how managed to score an internship interview with a professional sports franchise, my dream job. Trying to play it all cool I walk into the interview and the interviewer says “I see you’re almost done with college” with a stupid smirk on my face I fire back “Yeah I could use another four more years”. The interview was over before it even started, that’s what all professional sports franchises want, a kid that needs four more years in college to party and kick it.

Second example: Another interview I went on, shitty field but the pay was great (and no it wasn’t porn). The interviewer goes, “I see you were rush chair for your fraternity. Why don’t you tell me some of the things you did” without hesitation I answer back “Well I just threw an event called Phillies & 40’s where we pick up cases of forties and roll hundreds of Phillies” True story, you can imagine how the rest of the interview went.

So if you mess up an interview just shake it off and know you are now part of the club, it couldn’t have been much worse than mine. Anyway, after I realized that I wasn’t trying to get the interviewers to pledge a fraternity or be buddy buddy with them, I started to make a real impact at these interviews and ended up with multiple offers and a pretty good job. Take these helpful tips and you will have your choice of what job you want to pursue.

– Always make eye contact. No matter what, never stare down or let your eyes wander. It shows disinterest and is viewed as socially uncomfortable. If you have trouble keeping eye contact just try and focus on one of the interviewers eyes, it makes it much less uncomfortable and he or she will realize that you are interested and alert.

– Always dress for success. Every Campus Socialite knows if you dress the part, you become that part. Look sharp and do not forget the extras- nice watch, clean shoes, and smelling right.

– Fancy up your resume but do not take it overboard –  If your only experience is being a delivery boy, change your title to something more professionally acceptable, and include any hands-on business experience you have acquired.

-Include any amazing experience or program you have been a part of. One of my best friends could not get a job straight out of college. Instead of wasting time back home, he went to Africa and taught children how to read and speak English. He then traveled all around Africa for a month, walked away with a life changing experience and instead of working a 9-5 job, he is now in dental school and on his way to self-employed wealth.

No matter what, stay focused. Its easy to sit at home all summer and chill with your old friends but after a while those old friends will have jobs and, before you know it, it will be January and you will still be unemployed. Enjoy the time you have off from school but do not take it for granted or abuse it. I hope these tips help, if they lead you to any awful interviews like I had please let me know… we could always use a few more members on the Campus Socialite team.

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