Dude V.S. Bro. Every since puberty we’re being groomed to be manoliths of the kingdom of male-hood. But, as we all know we gotta keep control of our earthy follicles of hairy mandom. No one wants to see your blankets of sheep hair in the shower any more, especially in our houses where the fruit of our pledge loins need to clean up all of post mess cleaning under carriages and goopey drain hair. Enter “Dude House” presented by  Phillips Norelco, Funny or Die and your favorite dude from Workaholics on Comedy Central – Adam DeVine.

It’s okay, we know what you’re thinking. I’m used to shaving my chest rug in the car while driving and not while I’m cooking dinner. I say, we stand up to our universal law of shaving and shave it loud and shave it proud. We can manscape anywhere we want! It’s our ubiquitous, universal right! Stop staring at this and join the contest to earn your right of passage to manscapage via a Phillips Norelcos and Style razor here. Only 100 left. We’re just the messenger and we’d lead you horses to water to drink up this bitch! Don’t forget to watch the Broxygen network for your dude Adam DeVine in Dude House…bro.

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