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Last week we posted an article on the NHL Stanley Cup between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Red Wings. Bottom line, if you’re not watching it you’re missing the greatest playoff series out of all four major sports. To make it even better, this series has been back and forth, lead changes, blowouts, fights, no-name heros changing the outcome of each game and here we are in Game 7! This is by far the best game of any multi game playoff series (Super Bowl does not fall into this category), every player on the ice tonight will leave it all out there. You can guarantee there will be blood, tears, injured players not giving into the pain until the last whistle, celebration, and best of all one player will make an impact that will be remembered forever.

Every year there is one guy who no one has ever heard of who changes the game and basically decides the outcome and championship for his team. Sure the NFL, NBA, and MLB have these guys who are game changers who make the big play but none are like the players of the NHL who become heroes. These guys are gritty with full beards, black eyes and missing a few teeth. They become hometown legends and a legacy is born before all of our eyes in one moment which will become a staple of a sports franchise for years to come. If it was a movie, tonight’s game changer would save the city from doom, get the smoking hot girl, and pat a little kid on the head, all while slowly walking off into the sunset.

This is a can’t miss event tonight, if you’re not a hockey fan then you need to watch this game and you will be hooked. As a bonus to all of us, this game falls on a Friday night; what better way to pre-game and enjoy a few beers than Game 7?  If you’re in Pittsburgh or Detroit tonight please email me in the morning ( with pictures if possible and let me know how the scene was after the game whether your team wins or loses. Tonight you will see why there is no greater moment in a sports series than the Stanley Cup celebration. For some it will be there first time hoisting the cup, others will have had the honor before but one way or another it is special. Take a look at the the cup hoisting from the past and enjoy the game tonight.

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