Get This: The Jansport Skip Yowell 2011 Collection

 jansport skip yowell 2011

When you think Jansport, you think of the sorta cheesy, but now moderately cool again monochrome backpacks of our childhoods. 3 pockets, solid color, and maybe a brown or beige underside for a little contrast. Backpacks are back in style with a force, but that didn’t stop Jansport from returning to it’s roots, and simultaneously kicking it up a serious notch with the Skip Yowell 2011 collection. These backpacks are a throwback to the early days of  backpacking and Jansport in the 1960’s, and plainly stated, you kinda need one.

skip yowell

The backpacks comes in a few varieties, including the full-leather Mukilteo and the cotton-leather combo Pleasanton. Both are sleek and vintage looking enough to catch anyone’s eye, especially if you happen to be taking Art History. We love the earth-toney leather, the brass metal, and really, the whole fucking look.

skip yowell

Too often vintage aesthetics take the place of actual practicality. Not the case with the Skip Yowells. Think pockets, pockets, and more pockets, done in the most tasteful way possible. Ridiculous, I know. There’s a 15″ inch sleeve dedicated for your laptop and/or a sheet of metal to protect you from Gamma Rays. There’s also an easy-access stash pocket, an opening for “cord control,” a magazine sleeve, and get this, and iPad pocket. Everything you need (a lot more) to equip yourself for a day of commuting, class and maybe even a mid-day slam session (change of clothes, condoms, leopard handcuffs?).

Get it here: Jansport

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