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It’s almost that time of year again, Socialites. The day when, if you’re single, you’re reminded of how much it sucks not to be in a relationship. And if you’re in relationship, it’s a day for flowers, chocolates, and being told how lovely you are.  (If your boyfriend remembers that is.)

But really, Valentine’s Day is never perfect, in a relationship or not, and all of the focus on love and devotion is too much pressure for college students. When you’re studying for your first exams of the semester and drinking like a fish most nights of the week, the day of love isn’t exactly the first thing to come to mind.

So maybe this year should be different and college students should focus on pleasing their Valentine in different ways. Something your partner will be sure to thank you for and won’t forget about all year: mind-blowing, oh-my-gosh-I-can’t-believe-you-can-move-your-hips-like-that, sex.

Because let’s face it, the flowers die, and the necklace he bought you is really ugly, and you just want to have an orgasm. So here are some fun sex tips and positions for every type of relationship and sexual prowess.

For the timid:

If you’re a lady who is new to the world of getting down and dirty, some variations on classic positions will make your man’s head spin.

Try switching up missionary, by putting both of your legs on his shoulders. It will allow him to get deeper inside you, and show him how flexible you are. Plus it will give your man a great view of what’s going on down there, and we know how much guys like to watch their junk move in and out of you.

Also, instead of standard girl-on-top, switch it up and and face his feet instead of his face. The reverse cow girl position will give him a nice view of your backside. This is also a good one for the more self-conscious ladies, as you don’t have to face your man and can let your boobs bounce as wildly as you want.

For the steady relationship:

If you’re in a serious relationship and have tried most positions out there, then this Valentine’s Day, the key to spicing things up a bit might not just be positions, but getting a little kinky in the bedroom.

For beginners, blind-folding is an easy way to get naughty quickly. There’s no way to screw it up, and you can use anything as a blind-fold. A tie, a t-shirt, or a scarf all will work well. One of you will have to take on the dominant position of pleasing the other while they’re blindfolded, so get creative. All of your partner’s other senses will be heightened once they can’t see, and your touch will drive them crazy.

A position that can help you guys get more intimate this Valentine’s Day is the Spider. You both sit back and support your own weight with your knees up and your body tilted back. The position will give you intense eye-contact and let you switch between being the more dominant one and the less dominant one.

Other ways to get kinky this Valentine’s Day: have sex in an exotic location (or somewhere you might get caught), try out role-playing, or bring some toys into the bedroom with you.

For the I’ll-try-anything-once people:

Try some new tips and positions out on your man in the broad daylight so he can really see what you have going on. Confidence in bed makes a huge difference, so if you show your guy you’re not afraid for him to see you upside down or in a rubber outfit, expect the sex to get even better.

And if you’ve tried every position possible while in bed, get out of the bedroom and get imaginative. Try out the Wheelbarrow tonight to surprise your man. Have him stand up, and you get on your hands and knees. Your man then picks up your legs and holds them while he enters you. You’re going to need some serious arm strength for this one, so be ready to feel sore in the morning.

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