Girls on the Go: The Gym Buff's Guide (Part 2)

Due to the positive response we received from The Jet-Setter’s Guide earlier this week, today The Campus Socialite gives you another installment in this series for “girls on the go.” Whether you’re hitting the gym straight from the beach, work, shopping, or after a busy day in your Campus Socialite life, you’ll need to have all the essentials to get the most out of your workout. Below, check out the perfect bag to pack when hitting the gym on the run.

A great gym bag is key. I’m partial to this flirty and fun nylon bag from American Apparel. If you’re going to work out, why not do it in style?


The type of sneaker you wear while working out is crucial to your comfort. The best part about these kicks?  They are “Nike+” capable…iPod sells the special sensor that can be placed underneath the heel of the shoe. The sensor syncs wit your iPod and can measure your distance, pace, time elapsed, and calories burned.

In case you haven’t noticed, plastic is out and Sigg Reusable waterbottles are in. They’re non-toxic, eco-friendly, and come in a ton of different sizes, patterns, and colors. Go to to find out more.

No one likes a sweaty socialite. Freshen up immediately post-gym with these handy on-the-go pads from Stridex to keep your skin fresh and sweat-free.

If you tend to have gym-ADD like me, keep yourself distracted and motivated during the cardio portion of your workout with a magazine. Personal favorites: Self, Women’s Health, and Shape.

Sometimes, my friends say that I’m stuck in the 80’s. But I can’t help my addiction to working out in Champion Bike Shorts. They’re simple, comfortable, and best of all, take up barely any room in your bag!

A top with good support is invaluably important to your workout as well. Nike’s line of women’s gym tanks is unmatched by any other company, in my opinion. Most have built-in shelf bras for added support, and their patented dri-FIT material allows for breathability while controlling sweat.

Enjoy, and remember: no pain, no gain!

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