Give a Heineken BeerTender, Get a Heineken BeerTender With The BeerFriender


This is both the stupidest and best idea that Heineken could have come up with for the holiday season. Instead of buying yourself a Heineken BeerTender (because buying yourself a gift is just weird), you buy a BeerTender for somebody else, and they buy it for you. It’s all online so it’s not like you actually have to go to some awkward gift exchange party.


The BeerFriender app is going live from Heineken’s Facebook page on Wednesday, and the idea is fairly simple: you buy a BeerTender, and they pair you up with another person who’s buying it, and they send you the one that they bought, and vice versa…I’m going cross-eyed just trying to explain it. They also send it to you gift-wrapped so it doesn’t look like you’re a douchebag who buys himself gifts for the holidays.

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